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British Citizenship is a complex area, we offer an initial consultation after which we advise you whether you have a basic claim to Citizenship and whether or not to proceed further. For details of our British Nationality service, please contact our advisers directly here

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It can often be a complex process knowing where to start and which supporting documentation is necessary for your UK Visa, Citizenship or Passport application; or even if you are eligible in the first place. We will guide and advise you accordingly, give you our guidance and also the peace-of-mind that our expertise is available to you throughout the process.

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UK Advisers provides you with a professional, knowledgeable and reliable service when managing your application for either UK Visas, UK Citizenship or UK Passports in Hong Kong.

Our consultants have formerly held positions with the British Consulate and/or have received certified and recognised OISC training from the UK, giving them the required understanding of all procedures and processes when guiding you through UK immigration issues that arise when considering working, studying, visiting or settling in the United Kingdom.

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“After having seen two UK Immigration Solicitors based in London, I can honestly say the information and help I received from UK Advisers was second to none…I couldn't recommend this service highly enough.”


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Applicants for a UK Visa, UK Citizenship or UK Passport should be aware, that as soon as the application has been submitted to the UK authorities; neither the result nor processing time can be guaranteed or ascertained by UK Advisers. We do however guarantee, that by using our services, your application has the greatest possible chance of success, and of passing through the process without any unnecessary delays.