"Thanks for coming back to office on Saturday Morning. My wife and me Had a very productive meeting with Mr. Clive Gregory. He gave us a very clear explanation and professional advices. Thank you very much."

                                              Ralph Ma, 10 April 2016

"UK Advisers are thoroughly professional and very knowledgeable of the entire application process. Their timely advice helped my sister overcome obstacles that she had run into when she applied on her own. If you are someone who's got no idea of the U.K. Visa application procedure, avoid applying on your own because the entire thing is very complicated. UK Advisers would be good people to get in touch with first."

                                                                                  Thair M

"We have used UK Advisers on a number of occasions to facilitate our applications for UK, Irish, Schengen and Australian visas. We have had a 100% success rate in our applications. I am sure that this is due to the excellent advice and knowledge we have been able to rely on from UK Advisers. Their ability to evaluate the suitability of the applications and point out if we have missed anything has made each of the application processes much simpler. I definitely recommend the services of UK Advisers" 

                                                                                  A Inglis

“I meet Mr. Smith from UK Advisers who helped me to apply for my visa. With his expertise in this field he worked on my papers easy. I got issued a multiple visit visa for 6 months to UK. I am really very grateful and thankful to UK Advisers and to my sponsors.”

                                                                        M Limpoo

"I write to express my appreciation of the service provided by UK Advisers related to the renewal of our UK passports. The quality customer service provided was excellent; it took only about a week to get the new passports. UK Advisers completed the online applications, checked all our documents and let us know when the documents had arrived in the UK. Indeed, they performed the job very well and efficiently."

                                                                         C.K. Fung

“Philip gave very sound advice concerning the settlement visa. It is quite a daunting task knowing which documents are needed. Philip will put your mind at ease and guide you in the right direction. I found him to be very helpful."

                                         Nicolas Oxley, 15 June 2016

"Really Professional advices and assistance from Clive and Philip, I had made a promptly procedure with my UK passport application, and got back quickly.
Clive and Philip are super nice guy, and nice to meet them"

                                          ​Tody Toa, 3 February 2016

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"One meeting with you regarding my son's first UK Passport, and I realised that there were documents I wouldn't have included with the application. You saved me delays - and possibly a cancelled holiday. Thank you!"

​                                                                           Alex C

"Even with the very limited time frame left for the application deadline for my son’s settlement visa, a very precise and no fuss consultation with Philip Smith made sure that we had all the right documents in order for submission. Philip’s long term experience and knowledge about consular matters was very important for us, and is very much appreciated. Thank you again."

                                                                           Roger B

"A friendly, approachable and fully transparent service on renewing my passport that was shortly due to expire.
If you need your passport renewed, without running the risk of making any mistakes in the process, look no further!" 

                                                 George B, 1 June 2016

"Clive was a great help in renewing my BNO passport. He completed the online form, ensured all my documents were in order and sent them to UK. Thanks for your great service.

                                                                              K Tse

"Very good services, professional advice :) Philip is very patient in explaining all details with me. Highly recommend to anyone who need their advice."

                                                      KC Chan​, 15 July 2016

“I have just applied for a UK Visa for my helper and it's not easy! Phil helped me out and now have the visa in hand. I remember him when he worked at the UK Consulate and how he helped me then too. Any problems go to UK Advisers!"

                                                                   Marie Kenny

"Very helpful service, me and my wife was planning to settle in UK, but since she is pregnant, we need the visa to be granted asap, UK advisors gives us a lot of help and useful information!!  And keep following up on my case after I have submitted, and now my visa has been granted; thank you very much for the help."

                                                                       Kenneth L

"We have just been through the almost impossible task of obtaining a 6 month visa for our helper to return to the UK with us. Without Philip Smith's help we most certainly would have been refused. I can highly recommend Philip Smith and UK Advisers for anyone going through this process."

                                                                            Tim S​

Clive at UK Advisers was able to chase the lack of response from UK authorities and quickly get a duplicate of my British Citizenship Certificate, something another British immigration adviser was unable to do. I am now able to proceed with having Clive process my daughter's UK passport application. I can highly recommend UK Advisers to anyone dealing with UK immigration issues. I’d like to thank Clive and the team at UK Advisers for their professional and friendly service.

                                                  Fong Haha, 25 March 2016

"With the help of UK Advisers, specifically Philip Smith, I was able to obtain my UK Ancestry Visa with relative ease and in time for my job offer in London. After having seen two UK Immigration Solicitors based in London, I can honestly say the information and help I received from Philip Smith was second to none and was definitely a breath of fresh air. I couldn't recommend this service highly enough. Thanks again for all your help."​

                                                                                S Bland

We let our results speak for us!

"I have known Phil from UK Advisers for over several years now and found that the services provided by UK Advisers is tremendously helpful when applying for a UK visa. I would not hesitate to use them again. I have already recommended their services to many of my friends and corporate companies. "

                                              Azeem Aman, 6 July 2016

+852 8191 0828

 “Philip Smith of UK Advisers helped my wife to apply for her Settlement Visa.  Without his help to guide us through the application maze, and knowing what the application officer is looking for, we would be risking losing time and money in another failed application.”

                                                                             R Yau

"Leaving Hong Kong to settle in UK brings with it a whole load of challenges, not least securing a settlement visa. Fortunately I was well advised to seek the services of UK Advisers. Numerous questions I had were promptly answered and once my application was ready UK Advisers' staff reviewed and improved it. On the day of submission it was reviewed a final time. Within days my application had been approved. A seemingly complicated process made into a very straightforward one by UK Advisers."

                                        Emma S Donohue​, 4 July 2016

"Having had 2 previously successful visa applications for my domestic helper to join my family on our trips to the UK, I was shocked and dumbfounded when this time, my helper's visa application was rejected. 
I contacted Mr Smith of UK Advisers, who saw me at very short notice and guided me through the maze of the current (revised) visa application process, and helped me successfully reapply. Thank you!"

​​                                           Vivian Cheung, 18August 2016

"Thank you for your prompt and efficient recent advice regarding our domestic helper's current UK visa!"

                                                                       Jennifer C

Philip Smith gave expert advice and guidance during a complex and long settlement visa application for my son. Phil was in constant contact with me throughout the process, and always reassured me through this stressful period. Now we have the visa, my son and I are able to start a new life in the UK; and I will never be able to say how thankful I am to Phil and the team at UK Advisers. I cannot recommend more highly the services of UK Advisers and their commitment to the clients!

                                                         Kaali Pari, 2 June 2016

What Our Clients Say About Us

UK Immigration Consultants

"I obtained British Citizenship but had been waiting over 14 months for my passport I approached Clive Gregory at UK Advisers for help. Clive has been handling my complaint with the Home Office until now! With my wedding to attend in Nepal this month I had given up hope. But Clive was able to find a solution which allows me to now travel freely. I wish to thank Clive and UK Advisers for all the help and continued hard work seeking answers about my UK passport; I highly recommend them to everyone."

                                       Limbu Tanchohang,11 March 2016

"I wish to place on record my sincere thanks for the excellent help Philip Smith of UK Advisers provided recently in the successful application of a Visa for my helper. Philip's experienced and professional guidance helped greatly in navigating through a complicated process, and I strongly commend their services in getting results ! Thank you."

                                              Gerry Kipling, 13 June 2016

"UK Advisers offered a honest, friendly and helpful service when I recently renewed my passport and applied for my Entrepreneur Visa. They were quick to identify problems and offer alternative solutions. They have a thorough knowledge of the whole application process, show attention to detail and have very reasonable service fees."

                                                                 William Yeung

I wish to place on record my sincere thanks for the excellent help Philip Smith of UK Advisors provided recently in the successful application for a Visa for my helper . Philip's experienced and professional guidance helped greatly in navigating through a complicated process , and I strongly commend their services in getting results ! Thank you

                                       Gerry Kipling, 13 June 2016

"Although I had already engaged a lawyer to assist with my wife's settlement application to the UK, I booked an appointment to meet with UK Advisers. Philip Smith fine-tuned my wife's application and it was quickly issued!
Without Philip's assistant my wife's application may have been delayed or refused. I would recommend UK Advisers to anybody applying for a UK Visa. I believe no other immigration advisors has such a great service as UK Advisers; they follow your case closely until the visa is issued!"

                                                                                       B Cheng

I have used Phil Smith at UK Advisers on several occasions now and have always found him to be helpful and efficient. Most importantly though, he has always achieved the result and visa I wanted for me and my family. I highly recommend Phil and UK Advisers !

                                       Kevin Bowers, 17 April 2016

"Nightmare to get my daughters Tier 4 (General) Student Visa. 2 denials and no one to help until Phil was recommended. He gave us a comfort level that my daughters Visa would be approved. It was on the 3rd time. A very stressful and expensive month dealing with the VAC in Causeway and the inefficient process in Manila was appeased thanks to Phil and Clive!"

                                                                            Karen H

“Philip Smith demonstrated professional knowledge when advising on the Visitor Visa application for the domestic helper of my 85 year old mother, to accompany her to London. Due to complicated misinformation available, the helper’s Visa to visit UK was refused a few times, but Mr Smith’s long term experience with the British Government and essential help in preparing supporting documents, was the reason the recent visa was granted. I would highly recommend UK Advisers”

                                                                                  Alex C 

I just had my BNO renew, their service was excellent, gave me all the info I needed, I just passed them my supported documents, they handle everything, filled in the form, sent it out and etc. And 10 days later I received my new passport! Strongly recommend their services

​                                      Phoebe Booth, 17 May 2016

"Received lots of help from Philip Smith last summer to ensure a successful British visa application for my helper this summer. I'm based in Singapore, but the advice worked for here too! There were many items required on the submission form which had not been stated on the visa application website, so I was very relieved to have benefited from this service. Thank you!"

                                                                             Selina M


"Good service from Clive for our daughter's first passport application - he provides useful advice and helps to speed up the process"

                                                                            ​Eliza L

"Just to say thanks for your help with our settlement visa. It gave peace of mind and made sure we didn't fall foul of any technicalities. Your services are certainly needed."

                                                                          Danny H​

"I write to express my appreciation of the excellent service provided by UK Advisers related to the renewal of my son's damaged UK passport. Especially Clive, thank you very much for your service in renewing my son's passport and you made sure we had all the correct documents ready and helped with the whole online process. My son's new passport arrived just one week later. UK Advisers are thoroughly professional, very knowledgeable, friendly and very helpful I highly recommend UK Advisers' service."

                                                    Tilak C Thapa., Capt. (Ret'd)

"I was put in touch with UK Advisers and Philip Smith by a friend who had also used their services successfully.  I was extremely impressed by the immediate attention, personal service and very accurate advice.  I had a successful outcome, as predicted by the UK Advisers team, I would not hesitate to use them again.  I have already recommended their services to several friends."

                                                                     CK, June 2016

"Very knowledgeable advice and patience from Philip helped me to get my settlement visa in the very first attempt. Thank you very much."​

                                                                         B Gurung

"I went to UK Advisers for my daughter’s first British passport application after their help with my settlement visa. Clive made sure I had all the correct documents ready and helped with the whole online process. My daughter’s passport arrived without any problems just three weeks later. I highly recommend Clive and UK Advisers to anyone applying for a UK passport."

                                                                          H Babar

"UK Advisers helped with my wife's UK settlement. After seeing my wife's refusal, Philip Smith advised that appealing it was the best option. Philip's knowledge of the appeals process is second to none. I cannot recommend him more highly to assist anyone in the very complex issue of applying for settlement to the UK. There's no help or support from the British Consulate or the Visa Application Centre, but UK Advisers was there for my family and I."

                                                                                 H Babar

"UK Advisers are very professional, approachable and knowledgeable in their work. Nothing is too much trouble, and they are extremely thorough in their approach. They helped my wife to obtain her settlement visa at the first attempt, and we can't thank them enough for all the hard work they put in. If you want the best, then these are the people to contact."

                                                                       ​P Stevens

The consultants at UK Advisers are very experienced and helpful!
Without their valuable advice and monitoring, I would have made several mistakes resulting in long delay or even unsuccessful result in my application for my son's British passport!
Good service with reasonable price, highly recommended !

                                             ​Peter Kam, 26 April 2016

"Philip, thank you for your professional advice and patience. We appreciated your close follow up which made us feel that you care a lot. We will definitely recommend UK Advisers to anyone whoever needs UK passport and visa service!"

                                                                           Jenny C


"I had the good fortune to find Phil Smith of UK Advisers, he did an incredible and rapid job of helping me get my Tier 4 student student visa! After the initial consultation with him on my case, he went to the Visa Application Centre multiple times to follow up on my application, If Phil had not helped, I am sure I would still be waiting! A superb hands on immigration company!"

                                               Daniel Tsui​, 13 July 2016

"UK Advisers have been a great help to my family in applying for visas. Their service & guidance have been impeccable."

                                                                       L. Harilela

+852 6937 6778

"Thank you so much to Phil for his kind assistance and prompt follow up on my daughter's complex student visa application!!"

                                           Una Chui, 14 March 2016

"Philip Smith was immensely helpful in the application of my wife and daughter's UK settlement Visa. Through his advise on all the paperwork and technicalities, our complex situation was simplified and the application was made successful. His experience and knowledge is second to none and I would highly recommend him on his services."


                                                                             G. Gil

"We used UK advisers to get me a working visa as a domestic helper in a private household in UK working for my Hongkong employer. Philip Smith was very helpful because the application process is quite complicated.He guided me and my boss through the process to get the visa . As a result I am now here in UK working for summer.Thank you Philip."

                                   Ruby Espinosa, 18 August 2016

"My wife has recently been granted her settlement visa. Having studied the UK Home Office website information, which even for a native English speaker is a challenge, we approached Philip Smith at UK Advisers. Phil knew exactly the information that we were required to present, saving us much time and effort in our application. Philip is approachable, knowledgeable and professional and I highly recommend his services to applicants for UK visas. Many thanks Phil!"

                                                                               Chris R

"UK Adviser has given a professional service to my son's new adult passport application in order to ensure there would be no rejection from HMPO. Good follow up afterwards even during Chinese New Year holidays made me feel they do care about every client. I will definitely use their service when other family members' passports are due for renewal."

​                            Howard Chang, 24 February 2016


 "We worked with UK advisers and found their service to be friendly and very professional. They went out of their way to help us prepare for applying for my visa. Our advisor took the stress out of the whole process with excellent advice and counselling. I thoroughly recommend this company."​

                                                                           S. Sung 

"I applied for my British passport through UK Advisers. Clive helped me to lodge the application and to my amazement I got my passport within 10 days. My decision to use UK Advisers couldn't be more right. They were always ready to clear any of my doubts. Thank you for a great service. I've recommended them to my family and friends for any UK applications."

                                                                           P Rana

“After being refused multiple times, I had given up hope of obtaining a visit visa for my friend of 33 years; I was told that due to her age and previous immigration history she would surely be refused again. Philip spent a lot of time helping me prepare all the necessary paperwork, and the visa was issued. So a thanks again to UK Advisers, your expertise and help throughout was second to none, and our family is grateful that we can all be together in London this Chinese New Year as we had always hoped.”


“We have been very happy with the service of Clive Gregory of UK Advisers. I knew it would be a lot more easier to go through a local agent then to deal with the Home office UK border agency directly. Small things like knowing how to fill in the forms correctly and the the credit card authorisation. I got very quick responses to all my emails and questions. The charges were very reasonable as well”

                                                  Haresh D​, 25 July 2016

"Clive, Thank you very much for your services in renewing the passports of my family. Your professional advice and immediate responses when necessary were much appreciated. God Bless"


                                                                      Patrick K

"I needed to take my helper back to the UK and I was working outside HK and I didn’t have much time. An unsuccessful application loses you the visa fee of £400 and gets the applicant an immigration history. There are a couple of companies that do this in HK but I felt most comfortable with UK Advisers once I had spoken to Phil Smith. He was very helpful and even met my helper at the VAC; the visa was successfully issued in less than a week. I am glad I made the investment of getting professional help from UK Advisers..”

​                                                     Ian Reid, 17 August 2016

"We are very glad that we found UK Advisers. They immediately made sence of the laws and procedures of getting my wifes spouse visa. Fast and Stress free. UK Advisers are probabely the most helpful in the field. Taking us through all stages of the UK immigration process step by step. They are excellent, we knew we could rely on their profesional counselling for any issues we faced however large or small. They have become more like a good friends and we are very happy to have heard equally great feedback from our friends."

​                                                     Simon Sung, 16 April 2016